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Spending a couple of days in Shanghai, meeting many people, visiting a lot of place, and feeling the end of journey. It was too short to think back a whole way from Holland. I was still dreaming to continue the way ahead(or turn to the other directions as if an ant avoid a pool of water).

Back to MVRDV!

The last cycle in China. Riding through “Band”, a policeman suddenly caught my arm. I shouted, “Don’t touch me! I’m riding! It’s dangerous! Fuck you!” and passed away. Many tourists were laughing seeing it and I was also laughing in my mind “Ah…I’ve really changed”, but on the other hand, I was feeling a little bit sad expecting no more fight with police after leaving China.

Toward the place where the sun rises…what “Japan(日本)” means.

The ferry got to Nagasaki, where I was born,  in the next day’s evening(Shanghai – Nagasaki is closer than Nagasaki – Tokyo actually). It was the first time to see the view from the outside of the city, and found Nagasaki is so unique and beautiful with many islands, green mountains and lights of houses placed on mountains.

After getting the stamp “return” on my passport, I cycled along the coast, though the city center and pushed bike on a long steep slope, the hardest one ever. Nagasaki is famous as “city of slope” and the people are said that they cannot ride bike(because bike is of no use there), but…I do it!

With my mother. It really encouraged me that I have a place to return and a person who was waiting me. I’m home!

She was tracing me on a map, haha. I hope to travel with her someday. By bike?

Now I’m just staying here, meeting friends, walking around the city and feeling everything has been changing as I’ve been changing myself on my way. It’s good to just feel nostalgia, but there is not much time to stop. I still want to change what I can see, feel and imagine.

Shanghai – Nagasaki

15857 – 15886 / 29km

The next way: Nagasaki – Tokyo(東京), the final destination


Yu Ito

June 2019
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