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I had always passed through the mountain roads to Rome, and it was very hard, so I took the road along the coast in this time.

It was nice choice, perfect. The road was always flat and wide, moreover I could see the beautiful sea on the right.

But the best thing was that I could found the place to sleep easily. Basically there are no people in the night on the beach and it’s very comfortable, actually much better than bed for me. Please try it(but be careful for water! You should ask people living there if it’s not coming up in the night. otherwie…you can imagine ya?)


My Italian friends didn’t recommend to go there, and I got why just when I arrived there.

It was almost impossible to bike.

Roads were full of mess, and what’s worse was car drivers…I doubted if human really drives car, should be monchey inside. Chimpanzee can do much better. So disgusting. No rule, moral, inteligence.

When I was so exhausted, one guy spoke to me in Japanese. I thought someboday was trying to sell something to me, but it was not true. He is Maurizio, living in Napoli. He has been to Japan several times and knows a lot about japan. He told me nice pizzelia and brought me to the nice shop to buy Mozzerela di Buffala. He saved me and my impression on Napoli peopole. Thanks a lot!

In the pizzelia. I know him. haha

Mozzerela di Buffala with only salt. I love it.

Then I tried to go to Matera, which is the city of world heritage, but I made big mistake.

I’m basically using iphone to check the route now, and googlemaps showed me this route;,18.116455&sspn=6.345154,9.876709&geocode=FaErbwIddHbZACmZfmxqTwg7EzEdGXg7wSz1PQ%3BFe2NbAIdh2P9ACnPqsusWn5HEzEgGI6ApHIKBA&vpsrc=0&dirflg=w&mra=ls&t=m&z=9

However, it was totally wrong! Actually I had to take the route in the South to avoid the mountains, lots of mountains…

This is the road that googlemaps showed. IMPOSSIBLE!!

I gave up visiting Matera and changed the way, to Bari.

Nice place to take a rest.

The way was hard but landscape was wonderful.

All the towns are located on the top of hills, as if they are observing each other. I found another village when I arrived at one.

They all have similar organization. There is castle on the top and main street goes down like spiral. The houses on the edge of the village have specific facades, which can be the wall against enemy’s attack.

Great energy plants. It’s super windy actually.

After the mountains, I arrived at the town called Cerignola, and met one family. I was suddenly stopped by this man, Giuliano.

He also loves bike and we talked a little bit(his child was better at English than him, haha), then he tried to find the place for me.

We went to the church together and one guy there was willing to host me.

He is Kabil, from Morocco, silent but pretty kind person. Thank you so much everybody!

Well, some Italian people I met said like “Be careful for Moroccan, they steel your bike” or something like that.

I think it might be true but it’s not everything.

I’m so confused. Because I like Moroccan people I met there as well as Italian people who said like that. They all were very kind to me. I can’t say one is bad or the other is good. It’s very complicated and not the problem of yes/no, good/bad or true/false.

I can just feel and believe what I have seen.

Bari! The last city in Italy.

I met some Japanese in the port. Okazaki-san and Kenichiro-kun.

It was really exciting to talk about each trip.

Take care for rest trip and hope we can meet again in Japan! Good luck!


Everything is beautiful and people are nice. It’s perfect for cycling.

I can sleep on beach everywhere. Tourist season was just over, so I can use it all to myself.

The Aegean Sea. I can see many different kinds of blue, wow….awesome.

The huge crack. Is it natural? or artificial?

The long long slope just before Athens. Athens is surrounded by the high mountains, as many people know.

and arrived at Athens, the origin of architecture and city.

I stayed here for a couple of day.

The next way; Athens – Tessaloniki – Istanbul, out of Europe!! Come on!!

Rome – Athens

2932 – 3776/844km


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