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I left Milano and headed to the south,

crossed the river Po,

and arrived at Genova. I had expected it’s just a port city, and actually it is, but also surrounded by 2 big mountain ranges Alps and Apennines.

It’s really similar to my hometown, Nagasaki.

Then I visited the vilaages along the coastside called “cinque terre”(5 villages”)

They are so beutiful. The buildings have been built as if they emphasize the natural topography.

Highly recommended to visit. Especially for architects, it should be interesting.

I camped near the one of them and saw a lot of fireworks above the other beach. owesome…

But, DO NOT GO THERE BY BIKE! It will kill you!

You have to climb 5 mountains to visit all the villages because they all are located in different valleys. Slope there is more than 15% and one continues for 5km. Please take a train.

I met the guy from Paris on the way to Firenze. We were going on the same way and passing each other, and finally started biking together. His name is Antoine.

We ate together

slept together

and arrived at Firenze together! I hope  we can meet again in the future! Thanks a lot!

It was his final destinaiton, so we separated here and I started again.

I also met a lot of people here. He is David, from USA, who is traveling around Europe and America. You can see his blog from the link. Check it out!

From Firenze, I almost always followed the old Roman road “via Francigena” which connects London and Roma. The old one is still kept for walking people and new one was buily for cars. I took new one.

Siena. Plaza de Campo was the best ever.

huge huge Toscana. It was fantastic.

Sorry, I skipped a lot of things…

There are many Roman ruins along this road. Roma is almost there!

I arrived at Roma around 11pm and made the best score “205km” in one day.

Why did I so hurry?

To meet Francescaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

We met in MVRDV and also worked on the same project. I remember that she came to the office just after me. One of the best friends in Holland for sure!

She lives with her parents, sister,  grandparents and uncle’s famaliy in super big house.

Everybody’s friendry and kind to me. greate greate greate thanks!

(Fran was complaining again and again about this photo, so I have to say, real Fran is MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL than in this photo! Don’t trust it! You have to make sure yourself  to see her)

She took care about me for everything. She made nice foods for me, cleaned all the stuffs I scattered, brought me everywhere by car and everything. She was really like my mom in Roma. She must be good wife in the future. Hey guys, it’s very good to know for you, isn’t it?

To be honest, I want to stay here more for one year but I have to go.

Big kisses to you, Fran.


The next way : Roma – Napoli – Bari and take a ferry to Patra – Athens

Oh, I’m looking for the person in Athens. I would appreciate if  you could tell me some friends there.


Milano – Roma

2162 – 2932 / 770km


Yu Ito

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